A Family Company

Jacob grew up on a farm in Harrowsmith, Ontario. His father taught him the value of hard work. From a young age, he demonstrated leadership qualities and took an interest in building and working with his hands. 

This led naturally to his dream to be an entrepreneur. In 1998 he started his own business as a carpenter and subcontractor. He earned his carpentry license and the respect of his teachers and clients with his skill and determination. His goal was to educate himself in all aspects of building.

This now allows him to handle jobs of any size, as well as deal with management and scheduling of contractors and sub-trades. His business has steadily built up to be the reputable and reliable organization it is today.

Over the years clients and referred customers have come to know and expect the kind of reliability and workmanship that Beckwith Contracting delivers. Clients can expect a job that meets and surpasses the standards required.

Commitment and Enthusiasm

Beckwith Contracting has been in business since 1998. Jobs are referral-based, which means each client can expect the same level of commitment and enthusiasm.

 To ensure that clients get the hands-on attention they deserve, Beckwith Contracting employs workers who reflect strong values like integrity, honesty, loyalty, and a good work ethic.

Insurance Coverage

Beckwith Contracting is totally covered with liability insurance as well as WSIB coverage for all employees. This means that you are protected from any situation that may arise during the construction process or even after it is completed.



All Beckwith Contracting employees are put directly on the payroll

and are fully covered on the project by the Workplace Safety and Insurance

Board (WSIB).

Our Safety Record

A zero-tolerance safety record is pushed. Beckwith Contracting works hard to ensure that every job site is organized and tidy, which helps maintain a safe environment. We also work with The Ministry of Labour to follow all rules and regulations set by the government in all types of situations. Employees are also sent to any courses when certification is needed to complete a project.

WSIB rates companies based on their accident record. We have had zero claims and consequently a perfect record.


Job quality, competitive pricing, and effective service are characteristics that Beckwith Contracting requires from companies they build relationships with. Come to our office to see our products, and to discuss product options for your project. You benefit from our experience in purchasing an ever-changing suite of products available on the market today.

We will help direct you to where you can buy quality products at the best prices. One of the most important steps in the building process is the planning stage. Beckwith Contracting works with other qualified companies to help plan and design your project so that unforeseen circumstances can be minimized. Our goal is to see your vision built.

We can help you get permits, or get them for you. It is very important that your project is done to the specifications of the municipality and the building departments in your area. Acquiring a permit when required protects you as the homeowner.

Beckwith Contracting works with individuals and companies to help plan and oversee your project.

At Beckwith Contracting, we believe that building long-term relationships work best for us as well as for our clients. We can recommend someone to take care of every type of area in the process, and have worked hard to associate ourselves with reputable companies who are competitive in price, organized, and have pride in their workmanship.

 Beckwith Contracting would be happy to assist you in planning and building the home of your dreams. We have relationships with local real-estate professionals to help you search for your ideal location.

Beckwith Contracting has helped many owners in renovating their homes to suit their changing lifestyles, and assisted others in expanding their living space as their family grows. We’d love to be part of your experience in planning, designing, and building your renovation.

In today’s ever-present push to make things energy efficient, Beckwith Contracting can evaluate your home and give suggestions to decrease your carbon footprint. These upgrades can include new windows, improved insulation, energy-efficient heating options and more.

Whether looking to increase the efficiency of your home or the look of your exterior, Beckwith Contracting can supply and install the right windows for you. We only use Energy Star, top-quality windows which are covered by government grants. We are extremely happy with the products as well as the warranties and services that are provided by our window suppliers. Measures are taken to ensure that your windows and doors are installed with the best foam installations and caulkings, so no problems will arise. There are also many esthetic options both inside and out. You will see that our rates are competitive, but our quality and service are second-to-none.

Insulation needs to be at a certain level in your home to work properly and efficiently. We can help increase R-Values in attics, walls, basements, and detect problem areas.

The lower cost of energy alternatives is putting these options within reach of more people. We have experience installing various solutions. For more information, please contact us and we will arrange a face-to-face meeting to determine your needs and the solution which best fits your situation.

Whether building a garage attached to your house, or separate; for your vehicle, or storage, we can help you with design, size, and blend it into your surroundings.

Though Beckwith Contracting is not a roofing company, we are more than qualified to install your new roof. No matter what situation arises, we will ensure that all the details are finished properly. Our goal is to have no callbacks for any job.

There are all kinds of maintenance-free products on the market today which can help give you the “look” that you’re going for. From vinyl, vertical, or horizontal siding, to wood, brick, stone or composite materials, Beckwith Contracting can help you choose the material that suits your home and budget.

Beckwith Contracting is your first choice to increase outdoor living space, and give you the privacy you want. Our goal is to build your vision. We can help direct you to our numerous suppliers and find you the look and products that will enrich your lifestyle.

When planning a major kitchen renovation, it is vital to have every aspect thought through. This is an area of the home which is used every day, and will not be easy to live without. With our excellent track record for organization and planning, we can help make this project an exciting time for you.

We have many suppliers and sub-trades which we work with on a regular basis, and coordinate with all, to make sure your project is completed in a timely manner.

An excellent way to improve or expand your living space is to finish your basement. From water-proofing, framing rooms, boxing ductwork, drywalling, or installing a bathroom, we can help you with the layout, permits, budgeting, and completion of your project.

With all of the different flooring options out there, we would be more than happy to discuss the best options for you and your home. From hardwood and ceramic to carpet, vinyl, laminates, or the many new products constantly on the market, we are well equipped to handle your flooring needs.